Running Rejuvenates and Refreshes Abhishek Saha

In a world where everyone suffers from the lack of time, Abhishek was looking for a sport that can be carried out anywhere with least paraphernalia. He opted for running as it fulfils all the conditions. Just like any other beginner, he also faced the problems of waking up early in the morning and getting injured. Injuries taught Abhishek the importance of proper running shoes & gear and made him a better runner.


Further guidance from his batchmates, Abhishek Anand and Nabanshu, long distance runners having good pacing experience came handy for Abhishek to continue his passion for running more consistently. In his own words,  Abhishek shares that sheer calmness of running had a positive effect on his physical and mental well-being, rejuvenating him completely.


In his message through the Runner Upgrade 2.0 Beginner’s experience, Abhishek claims that once you take up running, you will never look back.   


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