In Conversation with Iron Man & Pinkathon Ambassador Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek has been associated with Pinkathon from beginning and has been supporting its endeavours to create more and more platform for the woman in the country to lead a healthier life. Talking to JPS team after their Reiki Run, Abhishek shared, “Reiki Run is an event primarily to make pacers familiar with the 21k route to guide runners to complete their run within the objective time frame.”

Milind in his previous interactions with us has also shared that Pacers in Pinkathon this year are symbolic for #HeForShe and would be running along with 21k participant from beginning till end.

While interacting with Abhishek, we also learnt that Pinkathon Ambassadors has been putting consistent efforts to reach out to women working in corporate wherein they are putting more number of hours just to realize later that they are somewhere missing out on the most important thing in their life, i.e. Health. Talking about challenges, Abhishek shared that a corporate woman finds it difficult to prioritize her health. Through corporate reach out a program, Pinkathon is trying to instill a habit in every woman to give time to herself by taking up active running or any other form of sporting activity.


Results are fairly well stacked for Pinkathon which started with just few 100 women participating in a 10k run to more than 3000 participants last year. Abhishek and other Pinkathon Ambassadors are looking forward to getting close to 10000 women participating in a 10k run in the near future.


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