Running helped Milind to Quit Smoking

There is a huge difference between reel life and real life hero. A reel life hero is able to impress a few people only on certain occasions but it is the real life hero who is a trendsetter and is able to impress each and every person on every occasion. A real life hero usually shows the way by leading from the front and makes himself and others proud of what he does.

One such reel star who is setting an example for others by becoming a real life Hero is actor and passionate runner Milind Soman. It is usually said that old habits are hard to break but by getting rid of his old habit of smoking, Milind has proved this saying wrong.

Recalling how he got into this habit of smoking, Milind says that he smoked his first cigarette at the age of 29 while he was waiting for a Television shoot but soon he turned into a chain smoker and started smoking as many as 30 cigarettes a day.

It is not as if Milind himself didn’t understand the ill effect of smoking and did not want to quit this habit. The fact that they are so easily acceptable, accessible and addictive makes it very hard to escape them. The case wasn’t any different with him who like many others tried to quit smoking several times but without much success.

Milind admits that he used to smoke around 30 cigarettes a day and feel terrible about it. The turning point in Milind’s life came when he turned to running.  With his love for sports and running he was able to quit this habit of smoking and even resisted from any kind of passive smoking.

Having witnessed the benefits of running himself, Miilind is now promoting running in a big way by being the brand ambassador for events like Pinkathon and The Great India Run which is promoting running for an active lifestyle among all age groups, especially women.

Milind’s real life story of quitting smoking can be an inspiration for many who find themselves in a similar situation but do not know how to do it. All they need is to start focusing on some constructive activity, be it running or some other physical activity to get rid of this habit.


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