Pinkatahon He For She campaign calls Men to stand next to Women

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” - Helen Keller

Milind Soman, Brand Ambassador for Pinkathon was in Delhi for the promo run of Pinkathon last Sunday. Pinkathon encourages women to take up active sporting in any form to lead a healthy life. India has been a country bounded by Patriarchal system in which Men has overruled most of women decisions and has not allowed women to express themselves. The seed of change has taken an amazing pace since 2012 after the Pinkathon's biggest women run which was organized by the United Sisters Foundation.


This year theme #HeForShe is a call for Men to stand next to their Woman and support her in all her hardships. Milind while speaking to the team of Just Play Sportz shared that #HeForShe is in line with Millennium goals set by UN to achieve Gender Equality #SDG5 (Sustainable Development Goals) and this year, a male runner would be running along with female participant in 21k to extend his support to help her to complete the run. 


During the promo run, it was emphasized that every Woman is a Hero and Pink is the future. We need to encourage every Woman of the country to lead a healthy life.

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