In conversation with Milind Soman, Pinkathon Ambassador

 “The Role of Leader is not to get others to follow but to Empower others to Lead.”- Bill George

Setting goals and achieving them has become a habit for Milind Soman, who unlike his contemporaries, at the age of 50 committed himself to become the Iron Man.

With just a year after being given the title of ‘The Ironman’, Milind is all excited and geared up for his next goal.

Milind was in Delhi for a close group meeting with ‘Pinkathon’ Ambassadors who are all leading the change by not only organizing the ‘Delhi Pinkathon 2016’ on Sept 4, 2016 at JLN Stadium but also spreading the message of empowering women and bringing a positive change in their lives.

Milind was happy to share that the number of women participating in the 10K run in Delhi Pinkathon has considerably improved from 400 in the beginning to 2000 participants last year. This year the event is expected to be attended by more than 3000 women. In a country where women give least importance to their health, giving priority to their professional and personal lives, this is not a small feat.


The whole idea behind ‘Pinkathon’ is to encourage women to adopt an active lifestyle as part of their daily schedule. Milind believes that it is a case of ‘मन के जीते जीत, मन के हारे हार’, where the mind is controlling our body and the individual has to control her mind and work on her body. Most women cite lack of time as the main reason behind following no exercise regime but thanks to awareness programs being organized by ‘Team Pinkathon’, women have now started saying ‘We can do this or We want to do this.’


Giving more meaning to ‘Pinkathon’ the entire team is working hard to include special communities like visually impaired women, women with babies who otherwise will not take part in such an event. Through Pinkathon, workshops are conducted wherein stories of women who have faced challenges and successfully overcome those are shared to motivate other women and give them confidence that everything is possible, they just need to find their inner strength.

In their endeavour to be socially and envirormentally conscious, team Pinkathon has replaced the metal medals usually given as finisher medals in marathons with ‘Tsunamika’, a doll created 10 years back by an NGO in Pondicherry to give back their livelihood to the women who lost everything in the Tsunami. Also by providing recyclable goody bags and reusable cups for drinking water, Pinkathon gives people the power to choose. Milind concludes by saying, “It’s not about preaching but it’s about making people think about it and making their own choices which will ultimately reflect upon in their positive attitude towards their lives.”

Milind appeals to all women to take out some time for their own physical health which will not only improve their physical fitness but also mental and emotional balance and help them realize that they can only give 100 percent if they are 100 percent.


In a special gesture, Milind expressed thanks to the Team Just Play Sportz for supporting the cause: ‘Pinkathon’.     



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