1st Boot Camp of JUNIOR DUATHLON set the tone for Green Wheels Bike Festival

The 1st Boot Camp for the upcoming Junior Duathlon in Green Wheels Bike Festival got an awesome response from kids and their parents who came in good numbers challenging their desires to sleep Longer on a cold winter Sunday morning in Leisure Valley, Gurgaon.


Those who might have thought that running and cycling does not require any formal training or expertise missed on this opportunity to make their kids learn few basic things about running and cycling which would help their kids to run or cycle faster and longer injury free.

Chief Siddarth Choudhary, founder of Juniorun and also the brain behind Junior Duathlon made kids learn about simple things like the height of saddle when you ride to tying shoe laces for running.

Parents too had a great fun Riding and running along with their kids on a chilly Sunday morning to realize that it's a good way to strengthen bonds with their kids promising to be a part of Junior Duathlon on 29th Jan 2017 at Ambience Island.

Chief Siddarth also highlighted the challenges Kids faces in Riding and running within condominiums and urged parents to give their kids more exposure and support to help them learn running and to ride on the streets. 

Inviting parents for the Junior Duathlon in India's Biggest Bicycle Festival, Green Wheels Bike Festival, Chief urged them to spread a word for Junior Duathlon like we normally do for a new year party since only a Fit Kid will become a Healthy Adult.

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